What I . We surveyed our students that are current see what they wish that they had known prior to applying to USC. Here is what they have to say:

Mary Waller (Junior from Chicago, IL): As you freak out about small details in your essay, and have actually regular panic attacks as you got confusing about an essay subject or a deadline, simply remember that you will be (probably) not really insane, and that most people are experiencing the same thing. Try to remember, instead, that you will be awesome. That’s the part of you that admissions officers desire to see, and if you do not believe you are awesome, how on earth are you going to convince an admissions officer that you’re? Challenge yourself become authentic.

Spencer Lepow (Freshman from Houston, TX): we wish I might have known that the goal of the admissions officer is always to get you IN. They are fighting them out by submitting a polished application that really reflects you and your strengths for you, so help.

Simone Geller (Freshman from Foothill Ranch, CA): For the part that is most, the students signing up to a prestigious school like USC are all going become smart with good grades and high test ratings. What’s crucial to get across in the job through your essays is a clear picture of who you really are. Speak about the things you are passionate about, your aims for the immediate and also the distant future, and things you desire to do at USC if you choose to come here.

Paige Handley (Sophomore from Provo, UT): I came across it very beneficial to look at the educational schools I ended up being applying to because it offered me a feel of what kind of college i’d like. We didn’t know I think it is different for everyone, so visiting helps whether I wanted to go to a big or small school and.

Lorelei Christie (Freshman from Arlington, VA): Research all the programs USC provides, and get it done early on! Luckily for us, I discovered Thematic Option early enough to apply straight to the program. Now T.O. is one of my favorite reasons for having SC. There are tons of other unique, exciting programs right here I had known about earlier that I wish.

Engie Salama (Junior from Irvine, CA): If only I had known how helpful the admission staff at USC are! Honestly, just shoot a message to your admission counselor with any questions you might have, and they’d be very happy to help. I feel like a great deal of students are intimidated by the application procedure, and it can be described as a little depersonalizing because of how applicants that are many like USC get but I think communicating with the staff helps alleviate that feeling.

Mythbusters: From the foundation!

We all know that there surely is a lot of information… err… rumors boating on the college yard, on Facebook, and on those college message board web sites, and we’re here to assist you get the information that is factual are looking for. In this article, we hope to debunk a few of those common myths about USC’s application procedure, and assist you to gain a better insight into how our procedure actually works.

Myth # 1: It is easier getting in if shmoop best buy customer service hours you apply to a certain major.

We now have said it before and we’ll say it again: connect with what’s truly your very first choice major, plus don’t try to ‘game’ the device. We will always give consideration to students due to their choice that is first major their 2nd choice major, and ultimately as undecided before they are released from the process.

If you are applying to one of our engineering majors, we will always consider students equally for both their first and second choice majors while it is true that applying to certain majors means we will pay closer attention to certain things, i.e. your math and science preparation.

You will find cases where pupils are admitted to their second choice or as undecided. We do have a transfer that is internal if you should be admitted to USC and desire to change to another major later.

Myth # 2: Visiting campus, composing letters, and having an admission interview will help my likelihood of admission.

False. We do not track what is referred to within the admission world as ‘demonstrated interest,’ so don’t worry if you are applying from half real way around the globe and can’t make a see to campus. We just do not have the capacity to interview all students that are interested and therefore nearly all students who apply will not need the opportunity to interview. Don’t worry. We encourage you to make use of the ‘Additional Information’ element of the normal Application to generally share anything you would have discussed in an interview.

Myth #3: I shouldn’t bring it up in my application if I got a bad grade in a class.

Wrong! The first place admission counselors go when they notice a downward trend in grades or someone lower grade could be the ‘Additional Information’ element of the Common Application. That is your opportunity to give an explanation for context surrounding any lower grade you may have received.

Myth #4: The greater amount of letters of recommendation we have, the better my chances of admission.

Incorrect. For most majors, we only require one letter of recommendation from a source that is academic which means that people actually, truly only have to see one letter. Whenever we thought this would not suffice, we would need multiple. However, we do know that sometimes, candidates prefer to submit a additional page from a non-academic supply, i.e. coach, community service organizer, etc., and this is perfectly acceptable. Its really in regards to the quality of the page over the quantity of letters you submit.

Myth #5: Send your Admission Counselor a gift—it shall help your possibilities!

Hmm, we desire. But sadly, this is a myth. If you send us a (non-edible) gift, we’ll have to send it straight back. Bribery won’t work in this case.

Myth # 6: I should not bother applying if no one in my family went to USC.

We evaluate all applicants on their own merits while it is true that the Trojan Family is an extremely important aspect at USC. We are made up of about 20% legacy pupils, and we consider when reviewing a student’s application while we certain love to accept legacy students, the fact that your parent, grandparent, or sibling went to USC is one of many factors.

So here it is had by you. Six typical myths that we have now (hopefully) shed some light on. Please remember to always contact USC straight should you have any questions regarding the application procedure. Good luck!

What I .

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